I'm an illustrator and designer with love for telling stories through illustration. I enjoy character-focused work, especially those leaning towards the fantastical.

Drawing of a person with brown skin and pink hair holding a sunflower in a sunflower field.

Call me Eva


I'm a South Asian artist, writer, and designer who clearly has too many interests for her own good. When I'm not learning yet another skill, you can find me reading several books at the same time or playing video games. I often make fan art for media I enjoy!I am open for commercial work and individual projects. I'm interested in doing work in character design, illustration, book cover illustration and design, and short sequential work. I'd love to work with indie authors in particular for any book cover projects!Want to discuss further?


Character Design

Character design sheet.

Book Covers

An illustrated book cover for Help Wanted by J. Emery, featuring a crow sitting on top of an open book.

This cover was illustrated in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the release of Help Wanted, a fantasy novella by J. Emery featuring a magical college student exploring asexuality and gender identity.

Sold on various ebook retailers:

Book cover for Awakenings, a fantasy novella by Claudie Arseneault
Book cover for Flooded Secrets, a fantasy novella by Claudie Arseneault

I am working with author Claudie Arseneault to illustrate and design book covers for her new cozy fantasy novella series, The Chronicles of Nerezia.

Available for pre-order:

Fan covers

Bite Sized

april 2022

A promotional graphic for Bite Sized by Eva I. The cover features two characters standing toe-to-toe, both wearing challenging expressions. The graphic is surrounded by tropes, a purchase link, and the price ($5).

Injured after a confrontation with a dangerous enemy, bounty hunter Orion seeks refuge in a nearby bar. He doesn't expect it to belong to a vampire.

Content warnings: blood and violence, discussion of blood drinking, suggestive situations and language, partial nudity, injuries, needles and stitching (of wounds).

If you're interested in seeing sketches, early drafts, and exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks at the making of this comic, you can check out my Patreon. The full comic is also available for all patrons at no additional cost!


If you're interested in custom brushes, do check out my personalised Procreate brush packs on Buy Me A Coffee! Alternatively, if you're interested in accessing these brushes as well as other assets at no additional cost beyond subscription fees, you can subscribe to my Patreon page instead.

Scroll ahead to learn more about my available brush sets:

Painter Brush Set

These are the brushes I use for colouring and rendering.

  • Liner: what it says on the tin. I use this for outlining and fine edges, usually while doing a line-less, more painterly style.

  • Dry round: a round brush with a dry texture. Nice for building up textures in a painting.

  • Dry: a square brush with a dry texture. Same as the previous, but especially suited for painting over larger areas.

  • Scratchy blend: a blending brush with a bit of texture. I use this for painting and smudging.

  • Scratchy round: textured round brush with a scratchy feel; I used it for the background in the featured image!

  • Round textured: lightly textured round brush, good for painting.

  • Round blend: an all-purpose round blending brush. I use this quite often regardless of the art style I am using. I use this for painting and smudging.

  • Square blend: an all-purpose square blending brush. I use this quite often regardless of the art style I am using. I use this for painting and smudging.

  • Swipe: textured hard brush that is best used in horizontal swipes. This one is pretty niche in terms of usage, but it's pretty nice for covering large areas with solid paint.

Brush Pens

These brush pens for line-art and sketching, inspired by the look and feel of traditional brush pens. There are two of them: a normal brush pen, and a slightly distressed brush pen, the latter of which is slightly rougher around the edges than the first one.

Speedpaint Brush Set

This is a set of nine Procreate brush pens for speedpainting and concept art. The first row of brushes are good for foliage, while the second row of brushes are nice for creating textures over large areas, such as the ground. The last row are for blocking in large shapes.

Calligraphy Brush Set

This brush set, inspired by The Art of Calligraphy by David Harris, features four brushes: Uncial, Textura Quadrata, Insular Majuscule, and a monoline brush for adding flourishes.

Stars Brush Set

A set of three stamp brushes for the drawing of a night sky. Includes a realistic version, a more stylised one, and a final brush that combines both.